I'm a Professor of Philosophy at Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA. Before coming to ODU in 1999 I held one-year positions at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the University of Florida. I did my Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh under the supervision of Kurt Baier and David Gauthier. While at Pitt I also completed an M.A. in Economics. Much of my research to date has been on John Stuart Mill 's moral and social-political philosophy. I have also worked on topics in consequentialist moral philosophy and liberal political thought more generally. At present, my interests are moving in the direction of moral psychology. I'm interested in trying to bring greater psychological realism to the sort of "two-level" utilitarianism most closely associated with R. M. Hare, although my differences with Hare over what it is for an action to be wrong lead me to think that a properly developed two-level utilitarianism won't involve an act-utilitarian theory of moralityonly an act-utilitarian theory of practical reason (or something resembling that, at least).

From April through July 2014 I will be the John Stuart Mill Visiting Chair of Social Philosophy at the Universität Hamburg (Germany).

Dr. Dale E. Miller
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Old Dominion University
Norfolk VA 23529-0083
demiller AT odu.edu
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